Today: Dec 4 2020
2°C global temperature increase will be reached:
Oct 16 2034
remaining time:
13 Jahre10 Monate11 Tage19 Std.54 Min.24 Sek. remaining amount of eligible CO2-emissions
528.370.076.472.557 kg
in order to limit the global temperature rise to 2°C
CO2-assumed budget at the end of the COP 21 (Paris) conference: 717.058.892.928.767 kg

00:00:00 have passed since you entered this doomsday clock page, and...

kg of CO2 have been emitted.
people more live on Earth.
kg of CO2 more will be emitted by the additional people .

Global per capita emissions

CO2 emissions
per person and year:
4,94 tons
emissions during the Paris conference: 4,83 tons
maximum eligible CO2 emissions per person and year in order to postpone the 2°C
limit to the year 2100:
0,96 tons
eligible emissions at the time of the Paris conference: 1,20 tons

Global climate doomsday clock - it is still time to achieve the 2°C limit.
Our contribution for more protection of the global climate.


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